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The New Medium

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing ‘on demand’ media channels in the world. Listeners are tuning in to listen to their favourite shows every day and research is showing a consistent growth in listeners year on year.

Podcast Sponsorship

Apple has made podcasts easy to find and listen to in the iTunes store and there are dozens of other apps for android users. Cars are now being equipped with media stations instead of the traditional stereo, making ‘on demand’ media the way of the future and making podcasts available to millions of users. The number of Podcast listeners has tripled in the last 9 years and 58% of listeners stream podcasts in their car whilst driving rather than listening to the radio [Source: Edison Research February 2016]

Unlike radio, a podcast is always available and never expires. Once an episode is recorded and published it is continued to be played for months and years later as new listeners discover the show.

This means you’re getting months and months of exposure for each episode you sponsor, making this a lifetime lead generation strategy for your business.

Benefits of Sponsoring

A sponsor is seen as more favourable than an advertiser. As a sponsor, your business is promoted in either a Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll or Post-Roll slot. The host of the show does a ‘live read’ promoting you to the listener. This has many benefits over a traditional ad and has been proven over many years in the radio industry to yield much better results for you as an advertiser.

The host of the show has a rapport with the listener and is a trusted source of information and recommendation, and promoting your business via a live read is just like getting a referral from the host.

Measuring your Return on Investment

One of the benefits of Podcast sponsorship is the ease of being able to measure your ROI. By promoting a unique link and landing page with a ‘listener only’ offer you are able to determine exactly how many leads you get as a result of your sponsorship. Unlike traditional radio, the listener of a podcast is able to replay any part of the podcast and listen to any links or offers that were made during the show, we also place the link on our website ‘show notes’ making it easy for your prospective customer to find the link and take action on your offer.

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